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Our conviction is that clothing is an indispensable element of life but at the same time a big responsibility. Indispensable because it keeps us warm, dry and presentable in daily life. The responsibility lies in careful and conscious consumption and knowing how we wear and treat our goods affects our planet in short and long terms.

Consuming less and better quality is one part. To care for your products to gain their full potential is as important.
Small quantities, high quality fiber and responsible producers provides the foundation, after that it is up to us.

We care about
  • Carefully picked small scale suppliers that care for process and product, To avoid unnecessary production and storage we keep our collections small and desirable.  
  • High quality products that we know will last when taken care of. 
  • Customer guidance, please do not hesitate to ask for assistance in finding the right fit or usage that will make it a long lasting favorite piece.
  • Timeless design and products that easily can be combined and fluctuated, in order for them to live with you for long seasons and year after year.
Caring guide

Knitwear: Lay your sweaters flat to dry, store them by folding and stacking them neatly in a closet or drawer. This helps to avoid stretching and sleeve marks. If you don't have bad stains, hang your knitted products to air rather than washing. Washing tears your knits and makes their life shorter. 

Shirts: Shirts are best kept hanging in a closet on wooden hangers. This helps the fabric stay fresh and keeps the garment from wrinkling. A good idea is to iron the shirt after washing, this helps to fold back the fiber so they won't get worn out as quickly.

Trousers: To prevent creasing it’s important to hang your tailored trousers on a trouser hanger, and fold along the crease rather than the seam.
To easily do this, grab them upside down and fold them from the foot. In this way they will find their natural draping.

Mending and maintenance
Treat your clothes as a long-term investment. Maintaining pieces will help ensure they don’t need mending often, but when they do, always try repairing before replacing. Perro is always there to provide tips and suggestions for any repair, do not hesitate to contact us. 

Pilling: Most natural fibres will pill over time and increased usage. This is a normal process, and there are easy and gentle ways you can remove the pilling to keep the garment looking fresh. Use a sweater shaver to get rid of the pilling, but do make sure that the blades are sharp and do not push the machine on the yarn. That could easily lead up to cutting off a thread and make a hole. 

Washing and drying
Take a thoughtful approach to washing and drying your wardrobe, and don’t wash more often than necessary. Always read the care label, as each garment has different needs to ensure it stays in its best condition. Here are a four simple general washing guidelines to always keep in mind:

1. Wash at a low temperature: make sure you wash clothing at the lowest temperature possible, particularly when washing delicate items.
2. Wash at a shorter cycle. The shortest wash cycle is usually long enough to clean your garment, while saving water.  
3. Choose a natural liquid rinse: liquid detergents dissolve better than powders and are the most sensitive option for hand or machine washing.
4. Use a special garment bag for fine materials such as silk, also turn these garments inside out to avoid colour fading. A laundry bag will help prevent abrasion during washing, which can lead to pilling.

A second life
Consuming high quality and timeless style also gives the opportunity to give your garment a second life. A passion that we share with many, and also the most sustainable way of consumption is Second Hand. Donating a garment gives it a second life, and there are many ways you can do this. If you’re looking for more inspiration or if you have a question about recyclability, you can also contact us.