Due to the holiday season, orders will be sent out after the 8th of August
Worldwide FREE SHIPPING on orders over €300
VAT is deducted for none EU countries

How gift cards work:

How do I use my Perro gift card?
Redeem it at perroofficial.com or at our Copenhagen store. Just apply your gift card code during the checkout.

How do I book my shopping consultancy?
Send us an email at info@perroofficial.com with your preferred day and time. Shopping consultancy will start in January: Monday to Wednesday, 10 to 17.

How do I check my gift card balance?
Send us an email at info@perroofficial.com with your gift code and we’ll update you on your card’s balance.

Can I return a gift card?
Our gift cards are non-refundable. If you’d like to return a purchase made with a gift card, the funds will be credited back to your gift card.

What if I don’t use up my whole gift card?
The unused portion of your gift card will automatically self-destruct. Kidding! It remains on your balance and can be used toward any future Perro purchase.

When will my gift card expire?

How does the e-gift card work?
It is a virtual version of a regular gift card; it works exactly the same, except it’s delivered via email.