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Perro in conversation with

Hisashi Morishima

Founder and creative of the brand BONCOURA

What kind of role does denim play in a versatile wardrobe?

"Denim is an ageing material and is changing with life. You can create your own unique style by wearing raw denim, wear them in and decide yourself what look that suits your lifestyle and wardrobe."

What is the inspiration behind your classic “BOUNCOURA 66”?

"The 1960s denim is a model from the time when workwear changed to fashion, the style is not too old but has a vintage feel. The silhouette of “BOUNCOURA 66” is neither too wide nor too slim. It is tapered toward the hem, so it can be coordinated with almost any item or situation. We are very particular about cotton and sew all our denims with a vintage sewing machine."

Any specific washing instructions for your denim?

"When washing, it is better to turn it inside out. The reason is that when you wash with the front out, you may get a peculiar vertical line. The best ageing you get by not washing too often and by using washing powder that does not contain fluorescent bleach combined with cold water."